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We provide the highest quality of technical and financial management

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100% Reliability. 100% Ship Management

DS Tankers provides the highest quality of technical and financial management. We offer high professional full asset management out of one hand as a basis for value-enhancing and sustainable investments in the maritime sector. By having an honest approach and a no blaming culture towards our work and employees, we constantly strive to improve our expertise which allows us to fulfil our obligations 100 %.

Our experienced team acts fully transparently and always in the best interest of our clients. This is exactly what we consider as 100% Reliability. 100% Ship Management.

Services at a glance

Our experienced team provides the optimal package of required services – with the highest quality in every instance

Technical Management
Financial Reporting
Newbuilding Supervision
Chartering , Sale & Purchase
Technical Management

This requires experience – we have it

  • DS Tankers has experience in technical management of Chemical, Product and Crude Oil Tankers (MR, LR1, LR2, VLCC, Suezmax)
  • All staff members have many years of experience as ships officers or engineers
  • We are keeping the technical condition of the ships at the highest level by continuous Monitoring and Controlling
  •  We carefully carry out planning and fulfill of dry dockings and repairs while adhering to the agreed budgets


Financial Reporting

We’ll keep our clients informed

  • Regular reporting system
  • We keep our clients up to date on the technical, financial and commercial status of the ships
  • Professional Planned Maintenance System (PMS), integrated with our purchasing and accounting tools
  • Tailor-made reports with valuable information for the owner

Newbuilding Supervision

Many years of experience with new ships

DS Tankers has the necessary know how and practical experience to successfully supervise newbuilding projects.

  • assist with the choice of an appropriate ship yard
  • support the selection of Builder and Contractors
  • continuously supervise the various stages of construction
  • deliver accurate reports of the progress
  • take care of all claims during the guarantee period

We also make sure that all Oil Major requirements are implemented so later there are no compliance issues.


We put the right people in the right position

  • Access to our own in-house Crewing Agency DS Crewing
  • DS Tankers offers highly qualified officers and ratings for all positions and operational requirements according to Oil Majors matrix
  • All crew members go through a very strict process before their employment
  • Highly professional crew through continuous training

Chartering , Sale & Purchase

Making business profitable

  • Own in-house chartering department  with profound knowledge of the tanker specific operational markets
  • DS Tankers has long term and satisfied charter partners
  • Short communication channels between technical and commercial departments

About us

Why your vessels are in good hands

Our combined team has over 10 years operational record in technical and commercial tanker management. Due to our exceptionally high quality standards we have passed very stringent Audits by Oil Mayors.

  • Despite the dificult market situation DS Tankers has fulfilled their obligation 100 %
  • Our operational costs (OPEX) are significantly lower than the average (based on Moore Stephens OpCost)
  • We have excellent insurance track record
  • Access to experienced crew via in-house Crew Management DS Crewing


At DS Tankers the stringent quality standards are our daily business - with clear procedures and transparent criteria. Only through this transparency is it possible to maintain the highest standards even to the smallest detail to secure constant improvement. Our aim is to achieve a zero incident industry.

Quality Policy
Environmental Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Mission & Vision Statement
Quality Policy

It is the Policy of DS-Tankers to provide high quality and professional ship management services that will meet her clients’ needs, requirements and expectations.

The Company objectives are:

  • To gain the confidence of its clients, seafarers and the maritime industry in general.
  • To be recognised as a trustworthy and dependable ship management Company.
  • To carry out shipmanagement services in a professional, efficient and safe manner and to meet all applicable requirements, laws, rules and regulations, Flag State requirements and Industry guidelines such as OCIMF TMSA.

These objectives will be achieved by:

  • Setting measurable and meaningful Quality Objectives.
    • Recognising and adapting the Continuous Improvement Cycle
      • Plan: Developing plans that include effective strategies and provide clarity in company policies, purpose, processes, roles and responsibilities
      • Act: Work to achieve the organisation’s objectives by consistent implementation of plans.
      • Measure: Check, evaluate and feedback information on results achieved.
      • Improve: Define targets and focus efforts on areas where maximum benefit and improvement can be obtained
      • Defining KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that will help to drive the Company’s continuous improvement programme.
      • Adopting a pro-active approach concerning needs of its clients and being responsive to their comments, requests, suggestions and complaints, trying always to improve the value of its service and have customers satisfaction.
      • Training all personnel, on board and ashore, in the use of the Quality and Safety Management System, in order to have it fully understood implemented and maintained at all levels.
      • Encouraging all personnel to participate actively in the continuous improvement cycle by preventing, detecting and reporting non-conformities in order to learn lessons and to prevent recurrence. Any necessary changes have been reviewed, considered and reapproved

      All employees on board and ashore shall comply with this policy at all times. This policy is to be displayed in prominent locations on board the ships and in DS-tankers’ offices.

      This policy is available to any interested party upon request.

      Environmental Policy

      The company's environmental policy is to prevent the environment being damaged, in particular due to our Ship management and operation of ships trading worldwide.

      The Company objectives are:
      To run a flawless operation with zero spills and to continuously improve environmentally sound performance and pollution prevention from the following sources:


      • Zero Spills of Oil, associated products/chemicals
      • Zero Spills of Noxious Liquid Substances
      • Sewage discharge to be in strict accordance with Marpol Annex IV criteria.
      • Zero discharge of Dangerous goods to the environment
      • Garbage discharge to be in strict accordance with Marpol Annex V criteria.
      • Ballast water to be in strict accordance with the ballast water management plan.
      • Zero Discharge of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS)
      • As per MLC 2006, noise and vibration levels shall be maintained and monitored in accordance with the ships build criteria and any deviation to be reported to the company.
      • Zero application of Anti Fouling paints
      • To establish and maintain procedures to limit the impact of our operations on the environment


      These objectives will be achieved by:

      • The systematic identification and assessment of sources of marine and atmospheric pollution;
      • Minimising adverse environmental impacts and waste generation;
      • Ensuring the safe and responsible disposal of residual wastes;
      • Developing contingency plans for dealing with potential pollution incidents;
      • Developing reporting arrangements for all pollution incidents or near-miss occurrences that could have resulted in pollution;
      • Promoting the use of equipment and practices that minimise waste generation;
      • Establishing reduction targets to minimise discharge pollutants;
      • Comply with national and international regulations such as but not limited to MARPOL and meet the requirements of ISO 14001, EU and US regulations;
      • Environmentally orientated training for both ship-based and shore-based employees;
      • To keep our employees on board ashore currently updated regarding the environmental regulations considering sea transportation

      All employees on board and ashore shall comply with this policy at all times. This policy is to be displayed in prominent locations on board the ships and in DS-tankers’ offices.

      This policy is available to any interested party upon request.

      Health and Safety Policy

      DS-Tankers are fully committed to ensure the health and safety of all crew members and staff on board its managed vessels and in its offices, contracted personnel and any other persons who are directly or indirectly linked with its business and operations. The Company has a zero accidents and incidents policy.

      The company's health and safety policy is to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses among the company's employees, contractors and visitors. DS-Tankers is committed to achieve Health and Safety Excellence.

      DS-Tankers will ensure that the concept of safe and healthy operations are conveyed and understood by all employees and that safe working practices are fully implemented ashore and on board all its ships.

      The Company objectives are:

      • To provide safe and healthy practices in ship operations.
      • To provide a healthy and safe working environment.
      • To establish safeguards against all identified risks.
      • To continuously improve the competence of personnel ashore and on board the vessels.
      • To be prepared to respond to emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection.

      These objectives will be achieved by:

      • Undertaking all necessary steps to achieve safety in accordance with the requirements of the IMO Convention of the Safety of Life at Sea, the International Safety Management Code and other international, national and classification rules.
      • Continuously reviewing and updating the Quality and Safety Management System both in the office and on board the vessels and designating a shore based person (DPA) to control and secure implementation of the Safety Policy, to ensure any necessary changes have been reviewed, considered and reapproved.
      • Employing qualified seafarers, experienced with the ship's type and trade;
      • Onboard familiarization and refresher training on the use of the safety equipment, the application of safe working practices and on risks involved in the type, trade and operation of the vessel;
      • Identifying training needs and providing relevant training on board and ashore;
      • Maintaining safety equipment to remain in good working condition;
      • Regular on-board safety- and health inspections by Superintendents;
      • Setting up an efficient ship-shore reporting system for safety and health matters;
      • Promoting employee participation in measures aimed to achieve the company's commitment to health and safe working excellence;
      • Ensuring that experiences gained in respect to safety and health are shared throughout the Company;
      • Free flow of information throughout the vessel including in particular the senior officers and BMT to avoid “the one man error”

      All employees on board and ashore shall comply with this policy at all times. This policy is to be displayed in prominent locations on board the ships and in DS-tankers’ offices.

      This policy is available to any interested party upon request.

      Drug and Alcohol Policy

      With the ultimate objective of protecting Human Life and the Environment and of assuring the highest standards of Safety at sea, the Company has established a “Zero Tolerance Policy” with respect to consumption and possession of drugs & alcohol on board the vessels.

      This Policy and the implementation details that are described below guaranty that:

      • no seafarer will navigate a ship or operate its onboard equipment while impaired by substances;
      • all seafarers must be able to respond at any time in an emergency situation using their best capabilities and unobstructed judgment.

      The Master is responsible for the implementation of the drug & alcohol policy onboard his ship.

      The company shall provide him with the equipment and the necessary guidance to administer alcohol tests for all employees, officers and ratings, as well as all the necessary support to implement the disciplinary action.

      These regulating policies apply to all Company personnel during their employment period whether onboard or ashore.


      Zero Tolerance” applies to all alcoholic beverages, including beer. This means that drinks containing alcohol are not permitted on board Company vessels and may not be consumed by any officer or rating, regardless of whether the vessel is underway or in port whether watch keepers or not.

      The Company shall perform the following alcohol tests:

      • Pre-Joining: performed by the Company or by its Crewing Offices depending on the seafarer’s location.
      • On Board Random testing: performed randomly and unannounced on board by the Master and Safety Officer to Masters discretion but all crewmembers including the Master must be tested at least once (1) per month.
      • Reasonable cause test: performed when there is reasonable belief that violation of this Policy has taken place.
      • Post-accident test: performed after an accident on those who were directly involved.


      Details on frequency and procedure for the above tests are presented in the relevant Procedures of the Company SMS.

      Details of the tests are entered in the logbook.

      If test reveals that any seafarer (including the Master) is under influence of alcohol, he will be dismissed without compensation and his name and rank must be immediately reported to the DPA and Crew Manager ashore.

      Zero Tolerance” means that the Use, Possession, Distribution or Sale of Drugs & Substances, is Prohibited

      Any use of a prescribed controlled drug which causes, or contributes to unacceptable job performance or unusual behaviour should require the seafarer to be excused from duty until such times as he is repatriated, or treatment and its after effects ceased.

      Attention: Officers and crew when embarking must declare to the master any kind of prescribed pharmaceutical drug that they are using and/or are carrying with them.

      Company shall perform the following drug tests:

      • Pre joining testing.
      • Unannounced drug tests by a qualified external contractor following chain procedures, at least once (1) per year;
      • Monitoring of supply and distribution of controlled pharmaceuticals.

      If the result of drug test is positive the Crewmember will be dismissed without compensation. Immediately Master must report his name and rank to the DPA and Crew Manager ashore.

      Drug & Alcohol Test Procedure
      Unannounced Drug & Alcohol tests are performed by a qualified external contractor following chain procedures, at least once per year (1). Details on frequency and procedure for the above tests are presented in the relevant Procedures of the Company Safety & Quality Management System.Analysis results are forwarded to the Company for evaluation and record keeping.

      All employees on board and ashore shall comply with this policy at all times. This policy is to be displayed in prominent locations on board the ships. This policy is available to any interested party upon request.

      Mission & Vision Statement



      Our vision is to form the best team with our customers, by having an honest and transparent approach towards the environment and the industry and provide a safe port for our employees.

      By having an honest approach and a non-blaming culture towards our work and employees and their families, we sincerely believe it is the best ground for constant innovative development of the competence of DS-Tankers.

      We offer a challenging work and excellent career opportunities by maintaining a constant dialogue with each individual to secure the best competence available.

      We believe by straightening our teamwork by competence we will continue our growth and consolidate a strong position on the “White List” of the Industry.



      Our Management