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Drug and Alcohol Policy

DS-Tankers are fully committed to ensure the health and safety of all crew members and staff on board its managed vessels and in its offices, contracted personnel and any other persons who are directly or indirectly linked with its business and operations. The Company has a zero accidents and incidents policy.

The company's health and safety policy is to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses among the company's employees, contractors and visitors. DS-Tankers is committed to achieve Health and Safety Excellence.

DS-Tankers will ensure that the concept of safe and healthy operations are conveyed and understood by all employees and that safe working practices are fully implemented ashore and on board all its ships.

The Company objectives are:
  • To provide safe and healthy practices in ship operations.
  • To provide a healthy and safe working environment.
  • To establish safeguards against all identified risks.
  • To continuously improve the competence of personnel ashore and on board the vessels.
  • To be prepared to respond to emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection.

These objectives will be achieved by:
  • Undertaking all necessary steps to achieve safety in accordance with the requirements of the IMO Convention of the Safety of Life at Sea, the International Safety Management Code and other international, national and classification rules.
  • Continuously reviewing and updating the Quality and Safety Management System both in the office and on board the vessels and designating a shore based person (DPA) to control and secure implementation of the Safety Policy, to ensure any necessary changes have been reviewed, considered and reapproved.
  • Employing qualified seafarers, experienced with the ship's type and trade;
  • Onboard familiarization and refresher training on the use of the safety equipment, the application of safe working practices and on risks involved in the type, trade and operation of the vessel;
  • Identifying training needs and providing relevant training on board and ashore;
  • Maintaining safety equipment to remain in good working condition;
  • Regular on-board safety- and health inspections by Superintendents;
  • Setting up an efficient ship-shore reporting system for safety and health matters;
  • Promoting employee participation in measures aimed to achieve the company's commitment to health and safe working excellence;
  • Ensuring that experiences gained in respect to safety and health are shared throughout the Company;
  • Free flow of information throughout the vessel including in particular the senior officers and BMT to avoid “the one man error”

All employees on board and ashore shall comply with this policy at all times. This policy is to be displayed in prominent locations on board the ships and in DS-tankers’ offices.

This policy is available to any interested party upon request.